Friday, June 1, 2007

Sweet Summertime Eskimo Kisses!

Guess what I found today guys......a perfect nappy spot right in the shade! Mommy was walking the furry big ugly cat ((Jimbob))and she seen my a she put the ugly cat up and came and played with me. Mommy said i gived her eskimo kisses cause everytime she put her hands beind her back, id rub my nose up against hers!
Anywayts, after laying in my spot for a while i realzed its sweet summertime! and, since mommy forgot to have my birthday party, shesaid i could have a summer luau all next weekend starting friday night and ending sunday night! Everyone is welcomed! I will starts a post about it on friday night, and then just jump into the fun ((comment))! Also, work on your outfits because we are going to have a summertime attire contest! winner gets named "Little Miss (or Mister) Summertime." Along with the showing of your photo, you must submit a few words on a talent of yours. Winner will be chosen by popular vote based on talent and photo. Just post your photo and paragraph with the title "Little Miss Summertime" and let me know to go find it!
we will also have a virtual limbo contest, and access to 25 hammocks. Fish from my fishy pond, shrimp, and temptations will be avaiable. Please let me know your preferences on renting a recreation tent to shade us or just taking the sun. You may wish to bring sun screen, and appropriate attire for the outdorrs((bring clothes to change into if you are entering the Little Miss Sunshine contest))
I hope you can all make it!
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Oreo the Cat


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

That is nice your mommy is letting you have a summer luau. I asked my mommy and she said the thinks I can come on friday night and sunday cause she works on Saturday. it'll be fun! Fish from the fishy pond soun delightful.

Karen Jo said...

I like your eskimo kisses. Your luau sounds like a lot of fun.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

thats were my little miss summer time photo is it me in my hawwin skirt i waiting for JH to come by

Lilly Lu