Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I's Maxin and Relaxin in the Spring breeze!

Just getting ready to lay down for a lil spring time nappy and thought I would post a word or to to my cat friens out here! Ive been good lately, very busy, and i have had someproblems getting my paws to set right on the laptop keys. Any suggestions? Well, since Mommy ((yes my name for Abby has changed)) put up the bird feeders i get "lots of enjoyment" (as she puts it) from watching the squirrels and crows. In fact, my grandpa had to chase me away from a baby chipmunk i tried to get the other day! The weather is also very nice for fishing in the fish pond, which I try to get in daily. The other day I was glimpsing at the TV and noticed a dog galavanting around at a thing called "Dog CAmp" He was also singing a catchy little song about flea medicine. Thats when it hit me ((bong!)) why not find a summer camp to spend my days at and make new friends? So, after much decision, I have decided to search the interent until I's find a campp to my liking. If anyone has any suggetstions, please let me know! Eyelids are getting heavy and I feel I must return to my nap. I will get on later!
Oreo the CAt

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Karen Jo said...

Have you had any luck with your fishing? Have lots of fun watching the birds.