Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope everyne had a great Easter! I stayed up until 4 AM watching for the Easter Bunny ((i was gonna get me a tuff of his furr)) but somehow i feel asleep, and when i woke up a feast of treats and nip and food and TEMPTATIONS awaited me! Now, im never gonna plan to get his furrs again, i prefer temptations! The Big Cat they call a dog got a stuffed Lion, but no treats cause Abby says he still has tuns from his bday. Which reminds me, my bday past and i didn't even realize it! How silly of me! And happy birthday to any cats i forgot to mention it too. Its very warm here today, and the fish in the pond are swimming round and round again. I was gonna try to catch the big one today, but i second i reached for him i lost my balance and fell over on my side. Rocks hurt bad when improperly used! And however said cats always land on their feets was wrong!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Im freezin my tail of here today! Its only 43 degrees, and ive already lost my winter furs.......Abby says the real reson im cold is cause i cant keep my paws out of the fish pond but who is she to judge others? She didnt even wear a coat, when i would have killed for one! I dont like all this weather changing, i wish Mr.Sun would decide if he was gonna shine or hide. It does make up for it when i get to eat extra foods though! Hehehe......
Oreo the Cat

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What have u guys all been up too? Im back to runnin this neighboor hood cause it aint rainin no more and all the snow has melted away. The fishy pond is back to pumping water again too......its fun to catch fishies. I hope none of yous food got on the recall list! Abby's puppies did!
TAlk Later!

Monday, April 2, 2007

DA Winnders are in!

Skeezix won the cute pink dress, and GRR,Midnight, and Cocoa won the unity afgan! thankx to everyone who bidded! Today, I almost sneaked inside the big ppls house! Libby's Papa is redoing ((whatever that means)) the computer room and today he was outside a lot. He left the door open once and carried a big blue blankie outside...i almost went inside but then i heard the running of the fish pond and had to go try to catch me a fish.....do any of you catch your own fish? Its quite fun,unless Abby cathces you and tells you fish have feelings too and they dont like being pawed at............I ALMOST BREAKED MY LEG YESTERDAY! Well............APril Fools! Hehe...didnt see that coming did you? Sorry guys, i just had to do it i didnt fool no one yesterday!
Oreo the Cat

Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Auction ends tonight at midnight! FAnkx to everyone who has participated to help my mommy mail her shoeboxes. TOday i hope everyone thinks of Jesus, cause today is Palm Sunday. Today we had our first April Shower so im on the porch with the laptop typing this....im not one to want to get my paws wet.How is everyone else starting theere april? Oh, thats right, today is April Fool's Day! I gotta go check to see waht trick Daisy played on Pixie! TAlkk to you later!
Oreo the CAt