Saturday, June 9, 2007

Miss Summertime 2007!

If you are entering the contest please post a comment below and lets me know where i can find your picture and paragraph! I can't wait to see all he entires...and yes, boys can enter too!


Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

here is my phato i love a good lau see i am ready to pary

Lilly Lu

Gattina said...

For the moment kitten food is dominating here, we have a 6 week old kitten Rosie, so if you want to visit her it's on my cat blog. But don't behave like Arthur, he is afraid of this mini cat !

The Cat Realm said...

We can't believe we missed this!!!
The maid is actually devastated (she is a hula dancer herself).
But it sounds like it was great fun!
PLEEEASE invite us if you ever have a luau again, we will send the maid over for some hulas!