Friday, February 16, 2007

This Weekend...

This weekend i will bea taking a break from blogging. My paws get tired when i have to type by myslef, and Abby's going away with her friends for her birthday. And tomorow, she has to meet with the Shoebox Lady to talk about packing shoeboxes full of toys and clothes and toofbrushes for the poor little kids in Africa for Christmas Then she has to go to Church, and then her and her friends Befany, Kristen, and Jessie, are all going to a hotel to relax. Theres even a pool Abby says! Can you imagine what gooney bird would want to get wet? Sometimes, humans are just so weird. Well then the next day shes going to Grammies for i should be back blogging Sunday sure ill have something intersting happen while Abby's gone ill have to tell u about too!! Have fun weekends!
and one last fing

"Happy Birfday Abby! i wuv u! thanks 4 being the best Abby ever!

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