Friday, February 23, 2007

My Auction and Contest!

Okay Okay, since i'm disobeying Mommy and not giving treats up for lent ((Mommy's Catholic)) i figured I should do a lenten project to help the less fortunate...but I want to have fun to since i missed Mardi Gras! So, i'm having a auction AND contest! The auction will consist of three items. The contest, coincidentally, will consist of three prizes. Details for both are below! All money raised will go to help with shipping on all the shoe boxes Mommy and Kristen are collecting for the poor children around the World for Christmas. The program there doing it for is called "Operation Christmas Child." It gives out shoe-boxes full of useful and fun items to children who have never known christmas, and who otherwise would go without new clothes, toothbrushes, soap, school supplies, and other items included in the boxes. Its really a great program! Have a good day everyone, and enter the contest and bid if you can!

Auction Details!
The Auction will consist of three items:

1. A small unity afgan
This will have two different sides, one blue,one white, sewn together at the middle to create one afgan to symbol us kitties being one with the poor children........It will also feature a Operation Christmas Child button clipped onto one corner! This is be approzimately one and a half feet by one and a half feet

2. A mini bottle of Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works Bath Gel
Perfect for a sweetheart, grammy, or mommy! Show them your appreciation and they'll know you really love them, and not that you just get them things when you feel obliged like on their birthday!

3. One Magic Square
Perfect for any occasion! Go to for more details!

Beggining prices are listed below and can be paid in cash, check, or money order. Just post comment with your bid! Auction Begins now and ends on March 24, 2007, my birfday!

Afgan: $10
Bath and Body Works: $3
Magic Square: $2

Contest Details!
Guess the highest bidder on each item! Post comment below with your guesses by March 14,2007. Prize for the correct guess in each category. Prize will be one (1) Magic Square! In the case of a tie, both guessers will recieve a magic square!

Remeber to have fun!

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Hot(M)BC said...

Oreo, we just found yor auction post. Boy are well all slow! hehehe I's confused though. Do bids go here or what? And do you wanna put an announcement on the Cat Blogosphere? Yoo can emale me at catsnmom AT crystalsandjewelry DOT com (AT = @ DOT = .)
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree