Thursday, March 1, 2007

I've been tagged by Sammie!

And don't forget about the auction/contest below!

1) 4 places I lived:
-At Abby's Great Aunt Margie's
-At random peoples houses
-Stayed in the woods awhile
-With Abby

2) 4 things I love to watch:
-Lucky Charmz
- Abby

3) 4 places I have been outside home:
-At Uncle Timmys
-At Aunt Lauras
-Uncle Carl's
- My woods

4) 4 websites I visit daily:
-Wanna be a missionary's blog (Wannabemissionary Dot blogspot DOT com)
-Skeezix the Cat's Blog (Skeezixthecat DOT com/scatchingspot)
-Daisy Mae Maus and the Feline Americans (Daisymaemaus DOT blogspot Dot com)
-Daisy the Curly Cat ((Daisythecurlycat DOT blogspot DOT

5) 4 favorite foods:
-People food
-Cat food
- Milk and fancy feast

6) 4 places I would rather be:
-Somewhere warm
-maybe florida?
-with Abby
-aywhere really...i love everything

7) 4 toys I have owned and played with:
-A nother cat named Lonesome
-The hangy mouse inside my kitty cube
- A purple and cream colord cylindrical toy

8) 4 nicknames my family like to call me:
-Oreo the Cat
-Oreo Madonna
-Oreos Buttercup

9) Regarding Catnip:
-Good, but real grass and fresh growing kind is better than the dry stuff.

10) Regarding Cat Grass:
-Love it!

11) First 4 I'd buy after winning lottery:
-A new wardrobe
-A diamond studded collar
-A limosuine
-A house just for me!

12) 4 things I do besides eat, sleep, litterbox:
-Play with my Abby
-Run around the neighboorhood
-Chase flying things
-Lick myslef

13) 4 things I want to do this summer:
-Get a bathingsuit and go swimming w/lucky charmz
-Make a new cat friend
-Play with my new friend
-Take Swimmy lessons

14) My 4 most prized possessions with limited value:
-My family

15) What I’ll do before tomorrow is over:
-Catch something flyey

16) Favorite place to hide and play?
-My kitty cube

17) 4 other "pets" your staff have kept:
-Lacey ((when Abby was a baby))
-A kitty that never got a name
-Libby Marie

18) 4 furiends I tag to respond:
-Faz the cat
-Daisy the Curly cat
-Lucky Charmz


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

swimming? you like ::shudder:: WATER? you must be furry brave!

Daisy said...

I like yer list, Oreo! I am for getting a bathing suit, but I do not think I would like to swim.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oreo! Great list ...

You've been HUGGED! Mu Shue Pooh King Cat started an internet game of "Hug Tag" and I'm huggin' you! You can find out about the game at Mu Shue's bloggie!!

DaisyMae Maus

PeeSsss ... Lucky Charmz is givin' you a hug AND a squeeze (plus a slurpy kiss!) ...

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Nice list there. Momma didnt do outs cuz she says 4 cats is too many and she couldnt play favorites.

Oh, and lostsa hugs........