Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a good time at my luau....ive been busy cleaning up all the mess from the party.....there was sure a lot of leftovers!!! The title of Miss Sunshine 2007 goes to.....
drum roll please.......
Lilly Lu! Everyone please stop by her blog and tell her congratulations, she is now blogger royalty. Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!!!Im still trying to find me a summer camp to crash at without much luck...all i can find is doggy camps...any suggestions? Maybe ill just go up to New York i hear there very Pet Friendy. Has anyone ever been there/live there? Id appreicaite any feedback!
Oreo the Cat

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Miss Summertime 2007!

If you are entering the contest please post a comment below and lets me know where i can find your picture and paragraph! I can't wait to see all he entires...and yes, boys can enter too!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Summer Luau!
Roasted Pig is on the first table to the right along with lobster, shrimp, turkey, ham, and yes, chicken! For the sea food lovers, please help yourself to the fishy pond that was recently restocked with one hundred goldfish..those of you who are not big sea food eaters may want to hand around the bird feeder if you catch my drift... vegetarians...ummmmm theres grass? Oh yeah we set up a table with Cat Grass, Fresh Catnip plants, dried nip, and a wide selection of catnip toys and automatic pole toys. And don't worry, your allowed to prance all over the tables! Also, feel free to play with the grass skirts hanging everywhere, they are made from a secret blend of nip and cat grass. Drinking fountains are at the bass of everytree so you can drink not only in the shade, but away from the noisy party area. Also, a tour guide will be available to take you on walks off the woods at all times....hope you brought your strollers! To enter the Miss Sunshine Contest, simply post a comment and tell me where to find your picture and paragraph by Sunday at noon eastern time. Please also note the live band placed in the center of the party area. They will be playing luau based songs all weekend. For those of you who are going to camp at the party so you don't have to leave, cabins with room service are located at the back of the house, 50 rooms available so please stay! Cat beds and full kitchens in every room! I don't know if any of you enjoy swimming but there is a small pond you may have noticed when pulling up the driveway. Inflatable cat condos and cat trees are sccattered around, and The most important thing? Have fun and show off those limbo talents! ((Alcohilic beverages must remain away from the inflatable cat condos please and may be found at the lodging area)
Hope you enjoy your time!
Oreo the Cat

last minute touches....

Just thought I'd let you know that the pig is cooking, the decorators are here setting up grass skirt covered tables, lobster,shrimp, and temptations are ordered, fish pond is being cleaned, band is scheduled that does an excellent job with KoKama, and we may end up having a double birthday party and have a room for Lilly Lu's birthday! Don't forget to comment and tell me where to find your picutre for the Miss Summertime contest!
Oreo the Cat

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sweet Summertime Eskimo Kisses!

Guess what I found today guys......a perfect nappy spot right in the shade! Mommy was walking the furry big ugly cat ((Jimbob))and she seen my a she put the ugly cat up and came and played with me. Mommy said i gived her eskimo kisses cause everytime she put her hands beind her back, id rub my nose up against hers!
Anywayts, after laying in my spot for a while i realzed its sweet summertime! and, since mommy forgot to have my birthday party, shesaid i could have a summer luau all next weekend starting friday night and ending sunday night! Everyone is welcomed! I will starts a post about it on friday night, and then just jump into the fun ((comment))! Also, work on your outfits because we are going to have a summertime attire contest! winner gets named "Little Miss (or Mister) Summertime." Along with the showing of your photo, you must submit a few words on a talent of yours. Winner will be chosen by popular vote based on talent and photo. Just post your photo and paragraph with the title "Little Miss Summertime" and let me know to go find it!
we will also have a virtual limbo contest, and access to 25 hammocks. Fish from my fishy pond, shrimp, and temptations will be avaiable. Please let me know your preferences on renting a recreation tent to shade us or just taking the sun. You may wish to bring sun screen, and appropriate attire for the outdorrs((bring clothes to change into if you are entering the Little Miss Sunshine contest))
I hope you can all make it!
Spread the Word!
Oreo the Cat

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I's Maxin and Relaxin in the Spring breeze!

Just getting ready to lay down for a lil spring time nappy and thought I would post a word or to to my cat friens out here! Ive been good lately, very busy, and i have had someproblems getting my paws to set right on the laptop keys. Any suggestions? Well, since Mommy ((yes my name for Abby has changed)) put up the bird feeders i get "lots of enjoyment" (as she puts it) from watching the squirrels and crows. In fact, my grandpa had to chase me away from a baby chipmunk i tried to get the other day! The weather is also very nice for fishing in the fish pond, which I try to get in daily. The other day I was glimpsing at the TV and noticed a dog galavanting around at a thing called "Dog CAmp" He was also singing a catchy little song about flea medicine. Thats when it hit me ((bong!)) why not find a summer camp to spend my days at and make new friends? So, after much decision, I have decided to search the interent until I's find a campp to my liking. If anyone has any suggetstions, please let me know! Eyelids are getting heavy and I feel I must return to my nap. I will get on later!
Oreo the CAt